A Scarlet Planet


“Con-Am congratulates the colonist-owners of the newest deep colonization vessel “Titan”.  The MS Titan is the latest in a line of Con=Am deep space vessels, designed with the highest survivability rating of any DCV’s currently on the market…”

With the advent of the Kochansky-Meachum-Fairchild Drive Module, interstellar space was made available to humanity.  The sheer costs involved would beggar even the largest Terran government, leading to the Public-Private Partnership agreement.  Each year, hundreds of thousands of colonists boarded ‘ripper drive’ ships (so named for the effect when translating into trans-dimensional space) for distant, hopefully habitable, worlds.

[…mayday, mayday, this is Titan MS declaring Code Omega.  We have reached the Aesop System, and are under attack by unknown forces!  We have lost the KMF Drive, structural integrity failing!  Send immediate SAR!  Repeat!  This is Titan MS, declaring Code Omega…]

Consciousness.  Painful consciousness.  The kind of headache you get when you’ve slept way too long, or had one heck of a bender.  You realize that you hear a voice, repeating the same phrase.  “…Planetfall imminent.  Planetfall imminent.  Planetfall imminent…”

Welcome to the Aesop System, colonist!  Your ship, the MV Titan, was destroyed upon arrival.  Some number of your crew made it to escape pods, as the ship began to break up and fall into the atmosphere of a verdant, green and blue world.  The kind colonists dream of, the “big score” which would free them from their corporate shackles almost immediately, upon receiving the M-Class Bonus Payout.

You will need to find the other survivors, if any, explore the planet and its inhabitants, and, somehow, re-establish communications with Terra…and your corporate masters who still own your soul.