Episode One = Planetfall

You have awakened from emergency stasis in a plummeting escape pod.  Things are chaotic, blurry.

You remember your ship being destroyed as your pod rocketed away from the doomed vessel.  Now, you find yourself hurtling downward, toward an alien planet…

In this episode…

You and your fellow colonists must survive a mildly hostile world, explore and exploit.  Survival is your number one priority.  Your escape pods have locked in on the closest, best habitable world available from initial scans of the system, but what that planet contains is unknown.


  1. Assess the planet.  Recon and record.  Follow all Colonial Imperatives.
  2. Build an initial base of operations on the planet.  This base will become the epicenter of colonial activity in this system, so build accordingly.
  3. Create the ability to travel around the planet, with hover vehicles.
  4. Reach orbit, and record what is found.
  5. Find the remains of the Colony Vessel,  and any other surviving colonists.
  6. Build an orbital Ansible Platform, to re-establish communications with the homeworld.
  7. Build a Ramsling to enable two-way transportation with the homeworld.
  8. Build an orbital station, to become the Tradepoint Hub for Con=Am.
  9. Build a Deep Space Scanning platform, to scan the rest of the system.
  10. Build a Warp-Capable Scoutship.

Once all 10 goals are complete, this will unlock Episode Two.