Analysis = MS Titan Wreckage

After assessing the damaged computer systems contained within the wreckage of the MS Titan, several data-points stand out.

  • It has been over a year (372 days) between the time of the destruction of the vessel, and the time of the first pod’s planetfall.
  • The cause of the vessel’s demise is unknown.  However, no other ships were in the vicinity at the time of the explosions, nor were there any signs of alien presence, such as mines, stations, drones, or other installations.
  • Communications were detected in-system, but not enough data was collected to determine source/destination, or even what function the communications were for.
  • The Class M [Terran] planet has an asteroid ring surrounding it, as well as a moon.  The Astrometric database has been updated.
  • The medical technology of the vessel is intact enough to allow for the various resurrection protocols to function.  However, should the systems be recycled before a replacement set of equipment be established, these systems would cease to function.  These systems are in the mid-section of the MS titan wrekcage.
  • Databases containing known technologies have been recovered, and can be fully researched and implemented.

The Astrometric Database is located here: Astrometrics Database