Biography: Bobby Booker

Bobby Booker is the sort of man who appreciates a slow pace and simple, everyday pleasures. So being stranded on a deserted planet full of hostile lifeforms and even more hostile coworkers is not his idea of a good time. Let’s back up a bit and find out how he got into that mess to begin with.

Bobby worked as a janitor at the Canadian regional offices of Con-Am. He did good work, kept mostly to himself, and didn’t ask too many questions; in many ways, he was the ideal Con-Am employee. He never cared much about office politics, and he never had any real desire to move up the ranks. He had his mop and his broom, and as long as the bigwigs left him alone, he was perfectly content to be left to his humble work. One day, he discovered a lost datapad left in one of the bathroom stalls. Wanting to return it, he turned it on, as it was common for people to remotely leave messages on the lock screens of lost devices, usually with contact information. But there was no such message. In fact, there wasn’t even a lock screen. The datapad was completely unsecured, and the second Bobby turned it on he was whisked straight to a document containing evidence of embezzlement and fraud on a completely massive scale. Not that Bobby recognized that when he saw it. To him, it just looked like regular financial paperwork. Nothing that he would find out of the ordinary. After a bit of fishing he found information that tied the datapad to a mid-level middle manager. Soon afterward, he returned the datapad to its owner with a casual shrug and was on his way. Unbeknownst to Bobby, he had just sealed his fate.

The manager in question realized that he had just leaked information that could cost him his career, and not knowing that Bobby couldn’t tell proof of embezzlement from a bank statement, he quickly set out to tie up this loose end. He did this by clocking Bobby over the head with a wrench and throwing his unconscious rag doll of a body into the cargo bay of a departing colonist vessel, the Titan MV, minutes before launch. A vessel which even the manager didn’t know was never intended to reach its final destination… Bobby wasn’t the only loose end on that craft. There were others that Con-Am was eager to wash its hands of. Dissidents, malcontents, the occasional incompetent. And soon, they would all find themselves unlikely allies in a desperate struggle for survival in the farthest reaches of space!

Notes for the GM: I really liked the idea of a guy getting caught way over his head in corporate politics and espionage, and it sounded like Jonah had a similar idea with his own character. How would they do business with Con-Am, though, if they’re supposed to be dead? Who knows!