Biography: J. Points

Ex Colonial Marine multiple tours, active combat awards.  However, forced to leave the service ‘with disgrace’ after refusing orders to abandon corporate ‘assets’ (read, people) during a deploy and extraction that was targeted to retrieve upper management and data from a hot zone.  Also brought back over 100 ‘low level’ employees that were at said facility with the loss of two of his unit plus personal injuries.  The extraction exposed demi-publicly and at high levels within the government illegal activities ongoing at said corporation.  In the chaos, corporate influence was exerted to, effectively, terminate his command and ruin his life in retaliation.

With his gov credit overextended due to the healing of his service-received injuries, and corporate credit unavailable due to ‘influence,’ combined with no government job available due to dishonorable discharge, and no corp willing to touch – Points was forced into the colonization program as a ‘debt collected undesirable’.  His pre-trip debt has been ‘added’ to the trip debt that must be serviced.

While bitter and cynical, the need to survive trumps, and his old instincts means he’ll attempt to regroup anyone found into a functional military operation as the best pattern he knows.