Episode One = The First Day

The survivors started to gather.  For some reason, pods had started falling from the sky, perhaps due to their orbital paths, perhaps due to some outside force.  The reason was unknown.  The result was not.

The survivors, using the local communications built into their suits, coalesced.  Three of them, J. Points, G, and another colonist landed together, a combination of luck and piloting skills.  They quickly assessed their situation, and it was fairly grim.  Each escape pod contained a pistol, some ammunition, a drill, a chainsaw, a dishearteningly small amount of biofuel, one packet of emergency rations, a motorbike kit, a flashlight, and two survival kits: A constructor, and an oxygen generator.  Thankfully, the planet they landed upon had a breathable atmosphere, and the latter kit was not needed…for now.

The group fanned out, beginning their explorations of the alien world.  Only a few things were found to be hostile, some local fauna, and a single robotic drone of some kind.  Bipedal ‘natives’ were seen, as well as a couple of villages.

Points took an early role as leader, attempting to bring some organization to the chaos they found themselves in.  The first order of business: Survival.

Arrivals: J. Points, G, another colonist

Cores: 15

Deaths: None…yet

Note: Until a bio is written, names will be abbreviated.  ‘another colonist’ is always an NPC, run by the GM.