Episode One = The First Week

With the arrival of two more colonists, the group of survivors grew to five.  S and Bobby were quickly put to use.  during their free-fall, they were able to spot several sections of crashed ship…the ruins of their colony vessel.

More items were gathered from the abundant planet.  Upon analysis by the survival constructors, it was determined that the planet was capable of sustaining Terran life forms, including food and medical supplies.  Which was good, as the survival pods were clearly poorly outfitted, with only a single ration pack, instead of the promised ‘weeks’ of supplies.  No one had any time to discuss the possibility of Con-Am being cheated, or the lowest-bidder process, before having to escape several hostile life forms encountered at night.

Basic digging commenced, searching for the raw materials needed to better the group’s chances of survival.  Unfortunately, during one night-time expedition, another crew-member was killed by a rampaging giant spider creature.  Other pods had started to planetfall, one of which landed close enough to the group to be recruited into the band.

After a short while, and some very long motorcycle runs, it was decided to have all survivors rendezvous on the aft portion of the MS Titan wreckage.  Work progressed quickly to set up a garage of sorts, and to assess and dig out the remains.  A bit of over-exuberance destroyed the bridge computers, but enough data remained to give a startling revelation:  The ship had been destroyed over a year prior to the group’s planetfall.

After reinforcing the structure, a realization that basic amenities needed to be built, if the survivors were going to flourish.  Beds, showers, food production were started.  Minimal base defenses were built, and hunting parties began to fan out, to find meat and explore the planet.  One ‘raptor’ decoded to take up watch on the corner of the wreckage.  They named him George.

Tragedy would strike again, as J. Points was consumed by local hostile wildlife.  A survival pod was triggered, and his neuro-engrams were written upon the clone body, allowing him to return, whole of body…if not mind.  One hostile alien even managed to chase Bobby into the elevator of the wreckage, but was thankfully gunned down before Bobby could become lunch.

Tragedy of a different sort occurred when J. Points, Bobby, and another crew-member were out digging for resources.  A few of the native aliens wandered by, apparently to look at what was going on.  Bobby attempted diplomacy, with the opening line of “Hello, we’re not here to harm you!  Our ship crashed here, and we’re going to plunder your planet!”  For whatever reason, the aliens did not respond.  But Bobby was pushed back into the mining pit.  Later, another alien was seen at the base.  Communications attempts were made, gifts were offered, even weapons and rare minerals.  Nothing came of it, with the inscrutable alien simply observing the colonists, before departing.  They named him Patrick.

A few days later, during a night-time trip to attempt to drill down a meteorite that had fallen from the sky, it was discovered that the various ‘sand traps’ on the planet were actually entrances to underground bug hives.  A bug-hunt ensued, with much screaming and leaping.  Thankfully, J. Points and Bobby survived…and a lesson was learned.  The planet was still quite capable of killing the unwary.

As the week dwindled down, enough salvage and resources were found to enable the colonists to upgrade their equipment, recover some of the lost technology of the colony vessel, and build a hover vessel of their own.

Progress has been made.

Sadly, George decided to head for greener pastures.

Arrivals: Bobby, S.

Cores: 9

Technologies Unlocked: Nanoressurection Protocols, Improved Targeting, Fusion Regulators, Smart Weapons

Deaths: J. Points, Bobby