There are a wide variety of technologies which not only keeps a colonist alive, but also enables them to do spectacular feats of strength, travel, healing, and engineering.  As a colonist, you will need to activate these technologies, in order to achieve various goals…and to survive.


All suits are equipped with a variation of the ‘ripper’ technology, that allows information to be sent through the dimensional interface, to be received by anyone equipped with the proper comm-set.  This can also be used on a planetary and even an interstellar scale, if a system has an KMD Ansible Platform.


Nanofactories are the forefront of construction technology, for the aspiring colonist.  Compact devices, ranging from portable Survival Constructors, to the cutting edge Advanced Constructors, enable colonists to quickly create the infrastructure required to survive hostile regions.

Each colonist has access to a wide variety of Standard Construct Patterns, accessible through the compumatic knowledge subsystems embedded within their neural cortex.  As the colonist studies the environment, the SCP systems adapt known Terran technologies to the available materials found.  This allows us to pre-load time-proven designs into each colonist and their nanosystems, which can quickly be adapted to the planet they find themselves on.

Additionally, once the colony itself is founded, rapid-prototyping devices can quickly create ships and structures saved within the memory systems of the colony, and to a limited extent the colonist’s skinsuit.  Specialized nanodrones, designed to rapidly metamorphize local substrate into needed materials, can create items from existing blueprints.


Each colonist is equipped with an armoured skinsuit.  This suit has limited impact protection, as well as a built-in recharging jetpack, good for both limited atmospheric ‘jumps’, but also extended maneuvers in weightless environments.  An hour-long oxygen system allows for deep space activities, such as mining and construction.  In addition, each colonist is injected with a variety of nanites, which constantly maintain the body, providing an astounding level of healing and recovery.  A wide variety of healing devices, from medpacks to dietary pills, allow colonists to recover from wounds, and even eat raw, alien food.

Should a colonist’s body fail, their neuroconsciousness, constantly monitored by an orbital ‘mothership’ or planetside cloning and medical systems, can be restored into a flash-clone.  In extreme cases, a failed body can be field-resurrected by the overcharging of the body’s nanites, a process which leaves the body in a semi-healed state.  However, this technology requires a nearby, powered, medical chamber.


There are a wide-variety of transportation options available to a colony.  From the humble motorbike, designed for extended action in any environment, to a mighty Capital Vessel, colonists have an amusing number of ways to crash themselves into the surrounding terrain.

In addition, utilizing a trans-dimensional drive, ships can hurl themselves across multiple AUs of distance, making inter-planetary travel possible.  This same technology, on a larger scale, can be used to create Ramslings, capable of hurling a vessel across thousands of lightyears.  However, this is a one-way street, unless the target system has a Ramsling of its own.

All ships operate on the fuel element known as Promethium.  This can be processed into packs for energy weapons and tools, larger packs for ships and vessels, and even the mighty Fusion Pack, a supercharged form of fuel utilizing hydrogen as a catalyst for the promethium.


Colonists face dangers wherever they go.  Alien creatures, horrific monsters, or even the need to hunt food on a primitive world means there is a need for defense…and attack.  Each colonist is issued a Fabrique-Interstellaire P99 sidearm, which is also included in every Bonn-class escape pod.

Additional weapons can be adapted to the environment using the SCP system, up to portable weapons of intense firepower, as well as vessel-and-ship based direct fire and semi-autonomous turreted weapons for maximum defensive aegis.