Biography: Chet McVaney

Anywhere you go in human space, you can always find a McVaney’s. Their signature fried crab sandwich, the Big Vaney, was the brainchild of the company’s founder, Bill McVaney. Since its introduction 240 years ago it’s been estimated that the company has served so many of them they could feed every human in history for an entire week.

Chet McVaney was one of the scions of the McVaney fast food empire. From his office in McVaney’s orbital headquarters, he came up with some of McVaney’s best-known ad campaigns such as “When you’re hungry, reach for a Big Vaney” and the award-winning “There’s nothing I like in my mouth more than a Big Vaney”. His slot on the Titan was bought with massive under-the-table political contributions so he could beat their competitors to the new world and set up the first fast-food franchise in the Keller-39 system, nicknamed “Aesop”.

After all, those colonists are going to be over 100,000 light years from the food they love, and as his latest ad campaign states, “We know you love Vaney things.”