Episode One = Bug Hunt

It was a matter of time.

The survivors had an idea their chosen refuge had a problem.  Several of the areas they started calling “sand traps” were scattered around the wreckage of the command and control section of the ship.  They knew that heavy vibration, like those from meteors flying in overhead, triggered activity, like kicking over an anthill.

Time, a luxury they no longer had.

Nick G, the groups only real engineer, grabbed one of the ‘other survivors’, whom we shall now refer to as ‘J’.  Any J name will do, we will call her…Janet.  Anyways.  They used the Lawndart, a vehicle Nick had scrounged up from parts collected from the wreckage, to scout out the land.  Eventually, they found what appeared to be a prime location.  A large mountain range, nearby a large lake, and forests.  Well away from any other settlement or installation on the planet.  A forward base was constructed, and the race was on…night was falling…


…and three ominous holes had appeared around the wreckage.

They got about halfway through the deconstruction, when the vibrations and noise of the work triggered the assault.  Wave after wave of bugs poured out of the hole…but the colonists had a plan!  The three tasked to defense hopped into the Lawndart, and took control of the minigun turrets they had loaded up with plenty of ammunition.  For the next half hour, bugs swarmed…and died.  Minor damage to the wreckage occurred, the bugs tearing apart the few sentry guns emplaced previously.  Between Nick’s skilled driving and the steady hands on the triggers, the bugs were swept away.

Mop up was a matter of putting boots on the ground, and clearing the remaining infestation.

Morning dawned, and the remaining insects were scavenged of valuable parts.  Waste not, want not.  The remainder of the wreckage was taken down, and several cargo runs were made to the new temporary base.  A few drones arrived from the alien structure, and were quickly scythed down by the two cannons on the roof of the base.  For now, it appears that the threat of the alien structure has passed, as no more drones have been detected.