What is This?

It is a Dark Millennium.

For too long, Humanity has fought.  Forty Millennia of unceasing war.  Now, the end-times arise.

In a formerly back-water system on the Eastern Fringe, the Emperor’s light still shines.  Port Resolve, thrust into the role as strong-point against the sudden darkness.   A planet lost to Chaos.  Ancient wreckage of a clash of Baattlefleets.  An accursed Space Hulk.  A psychic shadow, tendril-like.  A Tombstar from a dead civilization arisen anew.  Perhaps even a path through the Webway to the Black Library itself.

The hand of every civilization reaches out to the Riga Solariis system, to capture the prize…or defend it.

Will you be hero…or villain?

Profiteer…or Paladin?


Choose Wisely.