What is This?

Howdy!  My name is Brian, and you can find me on the main Empyrion forums as ‘Slipstream‘.

I have been a fan of this game since just before Alpha 4, which makes me somewhat of a latecomer, but that’s okay.

I am a starship designer, a server-admin, and a game master.  This site is my portal to Empyrion, as well as where I record the events of “A Scarlet Planet”, an ongoing RPG set within the Empyrion game.  I’m using the game, plus some external ‘meta’ mechanics, in order to provide events, action and adventure to a handful of my friends out there on the interwebs.

I’ll be posting not only the game sessions, but also links to live Twitch feeds, recorded RP sessions, as well as all the materials you need to run your own Scarlet Planet RPG!


Thanks for stopping by.